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While traversing the "Cobalt Depths", using the WASD keys, you may come across cobalt ore, which you can tag by holding down the left mouse button. During your explorations, your energy may deplete or you may start to feel anxious. In those situations, it might be best to return home or, even better yet, "summon" your home by holding the H key - given there is plenty of room, as indicated by the home icon in the top-left. Back at your home, you can spend those hard-earned ores to craft various decorations so you may feel more at home, and thus calm yourself down more easily. Additionally, you can craft either a compass or a sonar, the latter of which can be activated using the G key. Keep your ears open and you may hear the location of untagged ores, the light-fearing kobolds and holes in the ground. Oh, and speaking of holes, don't forget your goal: To reach the deepest parts of the "Cobalt Depths".

WASD - Movement
F - Toggle Flashlight
H (hold) - Summon Home
G - Use Sonar
Left Mouse (hold) - Activate


CobaltDepths-7DFPS.rar 41 MB

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